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Long Valley Timber LLC - Southwest Missouri.

Long Valley Timber LLC serves all of Northwest Arkansas, Northeast Oklahoma and Southwest Missouri. Our service area is roughly an 80 mile radius from Huntsville, Arkansas.

From Dozing to Logging - based in Southwest Missouri.

Since our humble beginnings decades ago,we have strived to do our best and it has paid off. Beginning with nothing more than a chainsaw and a passion for logging, a dream became a reality.

As a kid growing up in Madison County Arkansas I was always fascinated by the loggers working near by. I would sit and watch logging crews working. I loved hearing the chainsaws and the crash of big timber as it hit the ground. The mules would leave skid trails in the woods and it was always fun to walk on the skid trails the logs cut into the dirt as they were being pulled to the landing to be loaded onto bob trucks and hauled to the sawmills. Several years would go by and I finally got the opportunity. A lot has changed since those days!

I began logging in 1995 and fell in love with it! In 1999 I had the opportunity to start Long Valley Timber LLC and never looked back.
We enjoy helping people reach their goals with their timber and the property that is included in the process. Sometimes this involves clearing the land for other projects or maybe it means a selective tree harvest improving your property for wildlife habitat,or maybe it’s just asset recovery. With over 700 contracts completed with different property owners across the region we have a wealth of knowledge and we can do anything you desire with your property. We have the equipment and expertise to make your dreams come true!

Here at Long Valley Timber LLC we are looking forward to helping you with your project! Check out our services and give us call today!

Logging Company - Southwest Missouri

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1479 Madison 7855, Huntsville, AR 72740


Business: 479-232-5811

Cell: 479-871-1164


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7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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