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Long Valley Timber - Logging Services

Long Valley Timber LLC serves all of Northwest Arkansas, Northeast Oklahoma and Southwest Missouri. Our service area is roughly an 80 mile radius from Huntsville, Arkansas.

Since 1999  Long Valley Timber LLC  (LVT) has specialized in selectively cutting  hardwood timber, cedar, white oak stave logs and walnut timber as well. We cut mostly hardwood timber, but we will occasionally harvest pine timber. 

Normally we harvest walnut timber in the fall and winter.

At Long Valley Timber we have a complete mechanized operation and can even perform dozer work where needed and if required, and  our mission and goal each day is to strive to do exactly what the property owner requests. Our main focus is taking care of the property owner’s land first and foremost and making sure we  compensate them for the logs which we harvest from their land. We have completed 100’s of contracts over the past 25 years and we look forward to serving you as well!

Starting out with nothing more than a saw, an old log skidder and a whole lot of Faith and Prayer we have grown into a reputable logging business. We continue to work hard for yet another satisfied property owner. YOU.


In March of 2006, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette did a feature story on Long Valley Timber, LLC titled Money Grows on Trees.


We are fully licensed, insured, and certified by the Arkansas Timber Producers Association for your protection. Let us give you a free timber evaluation. CALL TODAY! 

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