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Long Valley Timber - Mulching Services

Long Valley Timber LLC serves all of Northwest Arkansas, Northeast Oklahoma and Southwest Missouri. Our service area is roughly an 80 mile radius from Huntsville, Arkansas.

For decades Long Valley Timber LLC has been doing property improvements. We’ve gotten good at cleaning up over grown vegetation, clearing fields and lots, as well as opening up views. We have worked in Florida, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Missouri and of course Arkansas! We are pleased to announce that we are launching our new property improvement division. River Williams will be offering custom property mulching and brush hogging. He can mulch trees up to 14”… don’t want all that wood ground up and piled on the ground? No PROBLEM!! He can cut it off in the dirt and pile everything to burn! This is a very quick alternative to mulching and the cheapest way to turn your property into a park! Also he has a purpose built brush hog that is very quick and he can go where your tractor wouldn’t dare, all while cutting brush, weeds and grass.


Do you have low hanging limbs that you’re dragging your equipment under or not at all because it’s around your field edges? No problem! He can cut them down up to 20’ off the ground! Also offering driveway grading, post hole auguring as well as post driving. He will be operating a late model Caterpillar 299D tracked machine with a mulcher and a brush hog. He has a multitude of other attachments to exceed all your expectations.

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